The MacKenzie Blues Band- Back Road Revelation

The MacKenzie Blues Band

Back Road Revelation

Run Time 47 minutes (of Awesome!)

Label: Oh!-Town Records

Released 2012

band website:

Itunes Link:

Beginning with the retro chic/ Tarentino vibe on the album artwork, one sets their mind that the music better be good… Because the package looks tough, hard hitting and awesome.

The first thing I noticed is that they dropped some cash making this record, because they mastered it at Abbey Road Studios. O.K then……

Back Road Revelation, is not your  predictable,hum drum blues fodder, in fact I have not heard a record of this calibre in a very long time. I felt like I  was at some swampy saturday night fish fry

caught between a blues sermon and an arsonist attack.

There is fire and passion all over the writing on this album. Starting with “The River” This band obviously has gospel sensibilities rooted in the  traditions of the deep south.  It sets the tone for the listener to shut up and sit down and listen for 47 minutes, where I laughed, cheered and cried all within that time frame. Songs about soured marriages, full tilt warnings about avoiding hell fire- booming sonic bass hits you square in the middle with “Don’t Let the Devil Get on Your Train” and  impressive vocal power on “Long Slow Slide” and “Treat Me Like I’m Trouble.”

The Husband and wife team of T&T MacKenzie is literally a marriage made in heaven backed by slamming pumping crispy rhythm. Warning to the wise: This album is not for the faint of heart.

Screaming harmonica and slick hammond underlay.

It is righteous,fun ,flirty, sexy and enough dirt in the guitar to cover over a coffin. Skillfull musicianship.  Well crafted songwriting.

It’s like Zephyr, Rory Gallagher, ZZ Top and Katie Webster got together and had a blues/soul love child.

Get it.

– Andy McInnes, for Best Indie Album Reviews


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